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Your Sound file will change into 7.1ch surround sound files and Nationalux stereo by our sound technologies.

What is Nationalux Sound Converting Service?

Aron stereo service of nationalux identifies the unique characteristics of all existing mp3 and wav files and separates them according to orientation.

The soundball of nationalux can detect sounds from all directions, and recreates a new stereo file with the characteristics of surround sound.

Especially, because it is not simply based on sound amplification but rather on measured data, it effectively creates an even stronger and undistorted sound effect from the original, implementing a more effective surround sound. And for a more powerful and detailed sound, two reflection angles are created above and below the LFE.

These contents can be distributed around the world with Spotify, iTunes and more, and we may provide a separate multi-sound file for 5.1-7.1ch HD broadcasting

Nationalux Sound Converter

Nationalux’s Upmixing Technology provides richer sound stages and amazing effects by extending stereo files to multi-sound sources.

The sound source

contained in any existing mp3 or video file is expanded to multi-sounding source using download and real-time streaming service, and provided to the user after downmixing.

In the current audio content playback environment, the 2-channel stereo sound source is common. However, due to the supply of smartphones and the expansion of the AR/VR systems, the demand for earphone and headphone

environments and multi-channel playback over 2 channels on home audio systems have increased drastically.

However, currently the majority of content is created with 2 channel stereo sound.

Therefore, Nationalux activates unused space information on the original audio signal to make multi-channel sound, resulting in a stereo that has a greater sense of sound for various content including music. There are a variety of multi-channel sound solutions available for not just simple music listening, but also games, movies, and live-time broadcasting.

What is Nationalux Sound ball?

Through upmixing the general mp3 and wav files, regardless of the added number of sound sources, each sound source’s individual playback, distance adjustment, tone change, and volume control features provide custom premium sounds such as rock, classical, jazz, and movies with powerful 3D sound impression.