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Nationalux showcases the technology for designing and manufacturing 10-channel microphone structures for 10.2-channel audio recording, which meets the multi-channel audio standard for UHDTV broadcasting, along with the technology for LFE signal generation.

Recently, there has been an increase in multi-channel audio playback environments exceeding 5.1-channel to provide realistic contents. 360-degree surround sound
through vertical up and down channels as well as horizontal front and rear/left and right resolution enlargement has emerged as a trend. Also, a standard has been established that can support 10.2-channel audio format in domestic UHDTV broadcasting, which further increases the need for the equipment suitable for 10.2-channel sound recording.

For this reason, Nationalux manufactures 10.2-channel microphone equipment designed to be integrated to receive 10.2 channel-audio signals directly on the spot, while providing technology services for 10-channel microphone downmixing and LFE signal generation using low-pass filters.

Application Plan

  • 10.2-channel background sound acquisition for movies and UHDTV broadcasting
    – A simple 10.2 channel sound acquisition through mixing with point microphone signals performance recording and regular record production
  • 0.2-channel stereo sound production and supply for live
    – Provision of stereo sound contents in various areas including movies, education and music through KINT’s multi sound video solution
  • VR surround audio acquisition
    – Acquisition of VR surround sound in combination with VR camera

Nationalux is dedicated to supplying multi-channel stereo sound contents in various areas through 10.2-channel microphones and manufacturing microphones, contributing to multi-sound transmission and stereo sound content dissemination for a true UHD broadcasting experience.