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Aron series provide a new Choice to hear music.

When you scan the record stores, posters, screen images and catalog via mobile phone, the various information such as record, the whole sound source of the artist, and music video, etc. is provided and it gives enjoyment to users and this program is connected with the sale web site so that invigorates off-line record sales and extends the sales channels resulting in more profits and creation of profits on additional services. Unlike simply delivering the information, the use of several application service is able, and it especially offers extreme sound effects with diverse

sound technology, like Multi 3D sound technology through

upmixing, sound tracing technology , direction sensing function, etc. In addition, for using the program, it does not need complicated contracts like license contract, but only simply confirming the stipulation.

Multi sound source play –- regardless of the number of added sound source via the upmixing, it simultaneously plays without limit in each direction, and individual playing of each sound sources, distance adjusting, tone changing and volume control is available so that you could enjoy impactful 3D sounds

Distance adjusting like the real live performance

according to the possibility of simultaneous / individual playing of each sound sources, and distance adjusting, it gives you the effect like you are hearing the performance, in front of real player.

Sound direction simultaneous sensing, and tracing function

through a 360-degree revolution in accordance with the movement of sound source, direction sensing, and tracing function, plays more detailed and various sounds.

It offers more effective sound in general stereo

With the angle of general stereo sound source, the eco of sound, and speed and direction sensing, presents more abundant 2D sound.

Nationalux provides the best stereo sound through multi-channel sound solutions for a variety of areas covering music, movies, games, broadcasting and AR / VR contents.